Lil’ Red Hood Blowjob

Do you want to know what happened after Red Riding Hood wath spared from Big Bad Wolf from woodsmen? Then you should play this game! What happened is that Red Hood (who appears to be really curvy blondie in this version) revved out to have a debt to get woodsmen and did not have some other means to pay off it than... using her unbelievable blow-job gift! Well, looks like woodsmen does not mind to find a blowjob instead of currency now so the game starts. The game is made as string of revived minigames with new choices unlocking as the sensual pleasure meter increases in size upward. A couple of mitts stroking, gobbling, kittling and sucking - Red Riding Hood is pretty skillfull when it comes to milking dicks! 1 way or the other she is gont create all these 3 big guys to give her all of their cum! Play now »

Dragon Quest: Princess of Moonbrooke

"Dragon Quest: Princess of Moonbrooke" is a hentai parody over quite well-liked videogame series"Dragon pursuit" starring long haired and huge-chested Princess of Moonbrooke. But do not hope for almost any continous quests and lots of texts since it will flash only the very best scenes out of her numerous adventures in a form of brief but colorific and exicting animations through our heorine will fulfill not only people but a entire bunch of fantasy animals too! And yes, by telling"greatest scenes" we mean the minutes at which she got fucked with them in one or another manner. Simply choose the scene in the list and enjoy it for as long as you are going to want to. As an extra feature you can switch main heorine's hair color by simply clicking on the particular button at the main menu. Play now »

Looking for Love

This is going to be a story about two people in love. Their titles have been Luke and Maya and they believe their connection will lats forever... or before the very first troubles will occur. Really the 2nd solution is more interesting if you wish to create an erotic quest game ... After our heroes has moved to the fresh city and began to build their fututre something has truly gone wrong. It revved out that Maya is going to have a baby rather than from Luke! Even more - now she is interested in her child's father more than she does in Luke so she throws himaway and now our hero will have to find the best way. How? Well, by travelling in his van and doing a great deal of items that are different. New game by"Lesson of Passion" is here! Play now »


You won't be surprised to learn that the primary attraction of the game will be your opponent virtual the model, a beautiful blonde who will be playing against you. Also, she will be reducing her appearance every when you win. Once the aim is clear, let's talk about how to get there. Let's discuss the game's gameplay. The game is a mini-game in arcades where you have to push some balls around and try so to get higher scores than your opponent . It seems simple enough, but to undress our model completely , you'll have to demonstrate some proficiency and, before you can acquire such skill it may require some time to master... So, waste no more time and get to playing with our sexy blondie already! Play now »

College Romance

College is fine place to have a great deal of fun... notably when you come from affluent household who normally take frighten of all your problems even though you are keep with fun. Mike - the most important character of the new game from"Lesson of Passion" show - is exactly that kind of dude. Or at least he was until latest events when his family tired of his way of life has given him an ultimatum - during 30 days Mike has to cope with the examination without anyone else's help. That is where you take the manage over Mike's decisions in order to try to fullfill this ultimatum and still to get as much of kinky funtime as possible. And in case you are going to manage to manage this ultimatum then you will get a prize - vaca of your wish with the person of your choice! Play now »

Legally Blonde

Busty blonde in a green suit sits on a seat in the hallway. She's nervous before the dialogue, because the lady needs this position. So the blonde is asked to go in the manager's office. Mr. Johnson is considering the blonde. Big and watermelons that were fleshy attracted their attention. Mr. Johnson reminds the female that the interview is strictly confidential. With such words, the dude comes up to this gal and unzips her coat. Big hooters have been squeezed out and Mr. Johnson commences to wrinkle from his rough hands. He spanks tits and twirls puffies. Subsequently the dude will remove the micro-skirt in the gal and makes her create a jaws deep throat. Girl deepthroats salami. She's ready to do everything to get work. So we begin the game and find out whatthe big-boobed blonde is ready to offer in order to get a position. Play now »

Ino yamanaka pussy fuck

So let's you will keep in mind Ino Yamanaka as a perpetually happy and joyous blonde, but today you'll be able to see another aspect of her personality - cheeky! The charming blonde is easygoing and let some sheik fuck in her sexy tummy during the day. You'll be amazed by this brand exciting and new ninja activity in both manual and automatic modes. are you able to do it? Now is the time to play. Play now »

Naruto fucks drunk Tsunade Sex

If you are the devotee of Naruto's adventures then you most likely already know that Tsunade is not merely the wise ruler (or"hokage") of the Hidden Leaf village (aka Konoha) but alse the traveller and gambler that occasionally cause her some unforeseen troubles... unless there's Naruto turns out to be next to her to help her out! And that's exactly what has happened tonight but should you believe Naruto requires the respncibility of taking drunk Tsunade home just to avoid any mishaps then you're right... but just half-right: really Naruto has a working method of getting some rewards from Tsunade for each of his efforts and the best aspect of this is that Tsunade will not actually remeber how she's"rewarded" Naruto on the next morning! But all who'll perform this anime porn parody game certainly will... Play now »

Princess Peach glory hole

Princess Peach is not only royalty of Mushroom Kingdom but also youthfull blonde lady who wants to fuck all the time! So while Mario is taking his attempts of finding her always completes up in the wrong castle she still must sate her sexual needs somehow... and thsi is where her favourite entertainment comes in and it's called"the glory fuckhole"! In Mushroom Kingdom they generally use green pipes for thsi kind of joy as well. To play this colorful and well animated game all you need to do is click and to discover on busy objects you will notice on the monitor. Some of them are going to have local effects such as changing Princess Peach appearance while the others will budge the narrative ahead... in case you can have some kind of narrative at a magical fuckhole parody animation in any way. Play now »

Celebrity Virginity In Jeopardy

It is Jeopardy time! But only this time in peril is going to be celebrity virginity because now we have famous Charlie among the participants! Our favourite hentai parody blond Charlie is back and today she's going to proove that blondes are capable of winning intellectual contests too. She'll be playing two other celebrities Britney and Sean - you wil recognize them pretty effortless. As in real games you will be allowed to choose what to perform... just because you'll be playing Charlie it'll signify that she'll solve all of the questions in her dearest way - in one or the other way connected with sexy hookup! Therefore, if you likeparodies as much as you enjoy hot blondes then you know what you will do tonight... Play now »