Legally Blonde

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Busty blonde in a green suit sits on a seat in the hallway. She's nervous before the dialogue, because the lady needs this position. So the blonde is asked to go in the manager's office. Mr. Johnson is considering the blonde. Big and watermelons that were fleshy attracted their attention. Mr. Johnson reminds the female that the interview is strictly confidential. With such words, the dude comes up to this gal and unzips her coat. Big hooters have been squeezed out and Mr. Johnson commences to wrinkle from his rough hands. He spanks tits and twirls puffies. Subsequently the dude will remove the micro-skirt in the gal and makes her create a jaws deep throat. Girl deepthroats salami. She's ready to do everything to get work. So we begin the game and find out whatthe big-boobed blonde is ready to offer in order to get a position.

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