Naruto fucks drunk Tsunade Sex

If you are the devotee of Naruto's adventures then you most likely already know that Tsunade is not merely the wise ruler (or"hokage") of the Hidden Leaf village (aka Konoha) but alse the traveller and gambler that occasionally cause her some unforeseen troubles... unless there's Naruto turns out to be next to her to help her out! And that's exactly what has happened tonight but should you believe Naruto requires the respncibility of taking drunk Tsunade home just to avoid any mishaps then you're right... but just half-right: really Naruto has a working method of getting some rewards from Tsunade for each of his efforts and the best aspect of this is that Tsunade will not actually remeber how she's"rewarded" Naruto on the next morning! But all who'll perform this anime porn parody game certainly will... Play now »