The Man’s Test

This minigame is not the usual game but more like brief but enjoyable psychological tests that does not include a fair amount of hentai-related content so you may not only uncover something interesting about yourself but also in the most exciting way! Although tough guy can refer to a lot of things, how do you define the word "toughness?" It's not an easy thing to answer. Our minigame will assist you in answering it quickly. Answer these questions and then choose one that best suits your needs. After you've completed all the questions you will be given specific recommendations. It is important to be honest to ensure that the answers are meaningful. Play now »

Bulma F-series

At F-series of manga porn game you will satisfy the hottest anime characters and get your opportunity not only to dress them up in different apparels but also take off them to fuck her! This time match Bulma - sexy greenhaired honey from famous"Dragonball Z" anime and manga universe! In this scene you'll be able to dress up her as sexy playboy bunny and then place her into over a dozen of sexy position. But whatever position you will choose to play with you will understand that each one of them have few steps - just click the arrow and enjoy fine cartoons using Bulma! You may see her showing her jiggling funbags, having fun using her favoirte fucktoys and naturally carrying your man meat inside her humid muff! You might like this game even you have no idea who Bulma is - all you will need is to love viewing hot big-chested girls getting fucked! Play now »

Dragon Quest: Princess of Moonbrooke

"Dragon Quest: Princess of Moonbrooke" is a hentai parody over quite well-liked videogame series"Dragon pursuit" starring long haired and huge-chested Princess of Moonbrooke. But do not hope for almost any continous quests and lots of texts since it will flash only the very best scenes out of her numerous adventures in a form of brief but colorific and exicting animations through our heorine will fulfill not only people but a entire bunch of fantasy animals too! And yes, by telling"greatest scenes" we mean the minutes at which she got fucked with them in one or another manner. Simply choose the scene in the list and enjoy it for as long as you are going to want to. As an extra feature you can switch main heorine's hair color by simply clicking on the particular button at the main menu. Play now »