The Man’s Test

This minigame is not the usual game but more like brief but enjoyable psychological tests that does not include a fair amount of hentai-related content so you may not only uncover something interesting about yourself but also in the most exciting way! Although tough guy can refer to a lot of things, how do you define the word "toughness?" It's not an easy thing to answer. Our minigame will assist you in answering it quickly. Answer these questions and then choose one that best suits your needs. After you've completed all the questions you will be given specific recommendations. It is important to be honest to ensure that the answers are meaningful. Play now »

Busty Math

How about recalling a high school mathematics program and solving a few equations to find an award? Are you ready? Let us begin then. Therefore the game invites you to solve mathematical equations to see pictures with big-chested beauties. To begin with, look at the screen. You see the picture. Subsequently a mathematical equation will soon show up on the screen. Take advantage of your head or calculator to solve the equation and provide the correct response. If the response was correct, you receive game points. When you collect the necessary number of game points, then the image in the game may soon change. With each level, the mathematics equations will become more challenging, so prepare for the examination. But the reward is well worth the attempt. Are you prepared to start the joy? Then take action. Play now »