Your Secret Pleasure

An engaging and educational video game, which is component of a type of testing that will help in determining your physiological properties.You have to answer the queries at the highest of the sport you'll be able to answer regardless of how enthusiastic you're. Thus, there are 14 queries within the game. Each question requires 3 answers. You must answer the question with honesty. additionally, every issue can be accompanied by a spicy bonus image with beautiful hentai ladies. You'll be in a position to save the image onto your computer. after you answer all the queries honestly, you'll get the answer. As a extra, you'll receive you'll get a cute hentai picture. Don't hesitate, take a look at the image to see how sexy or sinister it is. Let's have it off without delay. Play now »

Busty Math

How about recalling a high school mathematics program and solving a few equations to find an award? Are you ready? Let us begin then. Therefore the game invites you to solve mathematical equations to see pictures with big-chested beauties. To begin with, look at the screen. You see the picture. Subsequently a mathematical equation will soon show up on the screen. Take advantage of your head or calculator to solve the equation and provide the correct response. If the response was correct, you receive game points. When you collect the necessary number of game points, then the image in the game may soon change. With each level, the mathematics equations will become more challenging, so prepare for the examination. But the reward is well worth the attempt. Are you prepared to start the joy? Then take action. Play now »