OBA-12 F-Series

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F-series is back with new buxomy woman for you to play with - this time it will be simply clothed lady with a indeed big funbags! It is possible to play this game in two way. First is by using blue arrow buttons you will see on the faces of the game screen - using them will guide you through the game in some kind of storyline mode. You will see all the fuck-a-thon scenes and animations in order that is planned by games creators. Other way to play it - to choos eone of blur round dots - they represent chapters of the story and will stir you to particular sexual positions. For finer experience play first way and see all the story and use second way to revisit the scenes you have liked the most. And don't forget to go to our website for mor games from F-series - more buxomy chicks and popular anime characters await!