Pussy Massage pt. 3

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Meet and Fuck Leila

This story occurred in a city pub. An area philanthropist whose name is Bill went to a pub to drink a duo of glasses of whiskey. At the pub, Bill finds a lovely and big-titted dark-haired. Bill comes nearer to get to understand each other. Tip. Use the right dialogue options to please the damsel. Hence the female's name is Leila and she likes to drink wine. Bill invites Leila to his house to see a collection of wines. An hour later, they are currently at Bill's mansion. So Leila drinks wine also comes in the courage. She also commences to dance and take off her clothes. Bill rolls Leila from the breasts and spanks her arse. Then Leila deep throats a fat cock and licks ball sack. After that, Bill fucks the black-haired in her cunt bringing the girl to orgasm. Want to know how the story ended? Let's embark the game right now. Play now »