Invisible Gazer

Have you ever wished to be doing as a high detective with not danger to your own life, but with an chance to fulfill attractive ladies? Then you need to perform this game! Your first job will be elementary. All you'd love to try to do is just take some footage of this product. Needless to say, this object are going to be a sexy woman. And, obviously, you might got to shoot footage of her takes a bathroom. As a consequence of otherwise, what's the point? However as it's utterly hot in there, you will not only have to sneak into her toilet, but also wipe off some water the glass of their kiosk. And this can be where the gameplay begins - you will need to wipe the water off terribly rigorously hence it doesn't even notice that, however you've got to wash it off sufficient to require nice footage. Located a balance? Then use the secret to need an image! So let us start the game. Play now »