Space Brothel

So in this interesting flash game you will need to construct your own pornography empire. The uniqueness of this game is the future has arrived and the individuals came in contact with the aliens. Now they live on earth. You are a local porno mogul who determines to start a community of galactic brothels. To try it, you have to purchase an area for a brothel, employ whores and train with them. Definitely a terrestrial whore will be a bit astonished by sex with a submerged. Whatever she doesn't panic you should display her how to fuck with extraterrestrial beings. Use the mouse and game objects to modify the brothel, manage finances and hire supersluts to train. Naturally, you can see the bitchy fuck-fest of a whore and Alien if you put in a hidden camera at a brothel. And then sell this porno film on the black market or participate in blackmail. How to earn currency you need to determine on your own. Embark playing at this time. Play now »

Starcraft Nova

You might not understand Nova who's among the principal characters in RTS game collection"StarCraft" because for those who want hot blond in tight and extravagant spandex suit getting fucked it'll be just enough to love the game. If you know who this Nova is then you probably playing this short but joy hentai parody ! Gameplay is based upon testing your reflexes - you want to press and hold T button in your computer when it's going to be at the zone and in the bottom right corner you will see a signal running. Succesfully repeat this act few times until the energy boost will be filled to the max and you will get your bonus - big splash of alien jizz covering this slutty blonde Nova from head to totes! After that you can replay the game or go to our site for more interactive anime porn parodies. Play now »