College Romance

College time - what a supreme chances to have intimate relationships with the hottest damsels! In this game you will be enjoying as Mike. And the next 30 days will be pretty significant for his long run - in the event you'll pass all exams that your parents have guaranteed to send you to a wish vacation... and you'll be able to bring 1 person with you! Which means you'll have to discover the girl who will have the ability to turn this vacation into a fantasy come true... Yet not all of them will hop in your couch from the begin. You will have to play with the rpg from here - see and explore different areas where you are able to execute an deeds that increases your stats (like include fitness points following training at the fitness center or culture factors if you wont miss the lessons). It is possible to purchase presents that usually means you'll need to discover the way to acquire currency very first-ever... and who knows what lse is awaiting on the road to this fantasy vacation!

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Pussymon 13

This episode is called Greenrock island. This update is somewhat more concentrated in the Brutemon Invasion. This is something which will proceed in the upcoming episodes also. As always, like lots of new features in this version.

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Holio – U – 7

This Crazy Blonde Only loves Reveal of Jerry Springer. If you are Jerry then you fuck her. But you don't and you need to do to do your best to get her to the mattress. Superior luck for this freakish blonde.

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