Candy Shop – Gummy

It again and we're going to determine how to produce summer fashion gummy 21, now. Of course experiments can turn out into sexual activity with a gummy babe that is curvy.

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Candy Shop – Gummy 2

3DfuckHouse introduces to you fresh game from Candy Shop show - Gummy 2! Trio of heroes has to decide a problem today - to break for lunch someplace or... stop hefty monster who threatens the entire town! And our heroes has reasons for the two choices. But since they are great men (or at least pretend to be them from time to time) that they are going to save the city first. So that the rescue operation begins. And pretty briefly our heroes will soon find out th truth behind the origin of the creature and find the way to stop it. And here is where game begins - you will play as the only male of the group so that it's up to you to get inside the creature to locate and destabilize it is core. From fucking it! Oh, did not we mentioned that the core is oretty hot yet not exactly humanoid chick? Well, you now know and you will get an arsenol of fuck-fest positions to do the job!

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