Female Warrior Monk

Witch Hunt

In this game (which can be full version btw) you'll meet hot and truly big-chested witch (you might know her from"Dragon's crown" videogame so now this game is also a hentai parody). The re will be only one little problem - you'll fulfill her as a zombie! So when you will want to squeeze her large jugs she will clearly state no - she's one elegant witch after all! More - for such a dirty request she may want to punish you with her magic! Nevertheless zombies revved out to possess their very own sort of magic so what will happen next is a real magic battle! This portion of the game may require you responses and good whielding of your moth - you'll need to quicly block witch's magic strikes by clicking them on whenever they will show up on teh screen in random places. What will be the prize for winning such conflict? Try to learn when you hot curious!

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